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Temporary Veneers For Party Girls: LED Teeth Lights

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The term "bright smile" has taken on new meaning ever since an advertising video for a Japanese clothing store hit the web in 2010. The video, "Party in your Mouth," features a group of Japanese girls sporting brightly lit LED smiles. Since the video's introduction online, LED lights for teeth have become popular, must-have accessories for young people around the globe.

The Birth of LED Lights for Teeth

One of the designers involved in the advertising campaign, Motoi Ishibashi, was inspired to design LED teeth lights after watching a video about tiny LED lights that can be attached to magnets and thrown onto metal surfaces. In essence, the video highlights LED Throwies being creatively used as light-up graffiti art.

How LED Teeth Lights Work

The Guardian briefly explains how these teeth lights work: Stick-on LED lights, shaped like temporary dental veneers, are affixed to the front-sides of teeth and wirelessly activated whenever the wearer smiles or opens her mouth. Of course, these colorful teeth lights are most impressive when worn in the dark.

Where to Get LED Teeth Lights

After the commercial made its initial appearance online, people around the world began contacting the designers to find out where they could buy LED teeth lights like the ones featured in the video. According to the New York Times, the LED teeth lights used in the video were designed solely for that particular ad campaign and the designers have no plans to produce them for commercial sale. However, a quick web search shows that other companies have jumped on the bandwagon to produce inexpensive, novelty LED lights for teeth (like a mouth guard) that can be purchased online.

If you're a do-it-yourself kind of person who yearns for a brightly lit smile, there's another option available, as well. Because of the huge response from viewers watching the video, the designers of the advertising project, Mr. Ishibashi and Daito Manabe, started offering workshops in Japan that teach people how to create their own LED teeth lights.

Recommended Usage of LED Teeth Lights

Novelty LED teeth lights are neither designed nor intended for everyday use. They're fun accessories for parties, raves and Halloween gatherings, but they won't hold up well under long-term, continual use. Also, do not try to eat while wearing LED lights affixed to your teeth because food particles can become trapped between the temporary veneers and your natural teeth.

In closing, it's important to keep in mind LED teeth lights can interfere with your dental health and hygiene if you attempt to wear them for longer than intended. When wearing lights on your teeth at a party or social gathering, be sure to take them out within a few hours. If you have questions about making your teeth brighter by a more traditional route, consider talking to a place like Adam Dental Clinic for information about dental veneers.