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More Sweets Please! Three Sweet Treats That Won't Ruin Your Teeth

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You hear your sweet tooth calling to you to eat as many cookies and candies as you can. However, you know that those sweets will just damage your teeth. Satisfy that sweet tooth by indulging in sweet treats that are not only good for you, but will also promote great dental health. There are several treats that will calm the temptation for something sweet and you won't have to feel guilty about eating them.


Ditch the candy for a kiwi. To help aid in the health of you teeth and gums, your mouth requires certain vitamins. Among the most important of these vitamins is Vitamin C. Vitamin C offers your mouth protection against harmful bacterias and it will restore the collagen that is in your mouth. Just two kiwis have more than 130 milligrams of the collagen building vitamin. By eating two kiwis a day, you can satisfy that sweet tooth and protect your mouth against the bacteria that causes gingivitis.

Kiwis not only give you the necessary vitamins your mouth needs, they will also protect your gums against infection. After you are done eating your kiwi, apply the peel to your gums to make them stronger. This will also help your mouth if your gums are prone to bleeding and inflammation.


One sweet treat that you won't have to feel guilty about eating is yogurt. Because of the PH level, yogurt will kill the bacteria in your mouth, reduce mouth acid and shield your teeth against decay and cavities. By killing the acids and bacteria in your mouth, yogurt will also help eliminate bad breath. Just six ounces of this sweet indulgence a day will leave your mouth and breath feeling fresh.


You will never have to feel guilty by adding pears to your diet. Not only are they better for your body than cake is, they are also very fibrous which helps in saliva production. Saliva keeps the enamel on your teeth strong. Once that enamel becomes damaged, it will be easier for your teeth to decay.

Another advantage to eating pears over cake or candy is that pears are a natural acid neutralizer. The plaque in your mouth has high levels of acid which cause your teeth to rot and can cause gingivitis. Eating pears will help eliminate the plaque and acid. When opting to eat pears, you must be sure that you are eating fresh pears. Stay away from canned or dried pears, which are loaded in harmful sugars.

Trying to stay on the straight and narrow so you do not harm your teeth does not mean you have to suffer. Give up the cake and candy with one of the foods listed above. Your mouth with thank you for it. Talk to a specialist at a place like Appleway Dental Clinic Wisdom Teeth for more ideas.