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The Whole Family Can Have Beautiful Smiles With The Different Types Of Braces

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Orthodontics have come a long way in the past couple of decades. Wearing braces used to be a big deal, with metal bands that went all the way around each tooth and a thick wire connecting them all. Unless you were a teenager in middle or high school, having them was not common and did not look professional at all.

Now, however, no matter what age you are, there is a type of orthodontics that you can use to straighten your teeth, and you won't be embarrassed to open your mouth until the treatment is complete. If one of your children is getting ready to get braces, take anyone in the family that needs their teeth straightened, and make it a family affair. Everyone can have the type of braces that best suits their lifestyle.

Regular Braces

Even regular braces are easier to wear than they used to be. Instead of a thick metal band around each tooth, a small bracket is glued to the front. The wire that connects the bracket is much thinner too. In addition, the tiny rubber bands that hold the wire to the brackets come in a variety of colors.

These braces are good for most teenagers and can be used for any type of misalignment problem. Since having braces has become common, and something many teens have to go through, the stigma is minimal. In fact, teens are more worried about having crooked teeth than they are about wearing braces. These are the braces that are most often approved by an insurance company so your oout of pocket expense will be 

Incognito Braces

Incognito braces are basically the same as regular braces, except the brackets are placed on the back of your teeth. Because they are on the back of the teeth, the brackets and wires are made to fit in your mouth in a way that will not interfere with eating and speaking. It may take a week or so to become accustomed to them, but after that they will not pose a problem.

Like regular braces, they can be used for any type of problem. They are a good option when you want a nice smile, but do not want people to see that you have braces. Many adults choose this option.

However, many insurance companies do not understand the necessity of what they consider to be cosmetic dentistry. If they do approve the braces due to a problem that interferes with eating or speaking, ask your orthodontist to submit a claim for these braces based on the fact you are older. Wearing regular braces at work can create issues with your job and may be the cause of a demotion and less pay.

Invisalign Braces

Invisalign braces are a series of mouthpieces that you wear at night and certain times during the day. They are created to help move your teeth into place. Unfortunately, they are not good for severely crooked teeth and will not help with a bite problem.

Unless you are sure your teen is not going to lose the mouth pieces, they are not a good for youths, as they can be removed. An adult who needs a few teeth slightly repositioned is a good candidate for these braces.

Take a good look at the teeth for everyone in your family. If they are not straight, or there is a bite problem, take everyone to the orthodontist, like those at Coquitlam Dental Clinic, and find out what can be done. A beautiful smile can give a person just the confidence boost they need.